Who is SPPS?

Our core philosophy is centered around the belief that those who can ‘sit pretty’ on camera, will ‘sit pretty’ in life. This is why we are so passionate about and committed to helping our clients do extraordinary things in front of the lens.

Why are we different?

We offer a variety of professional photography services - that all include a Discovery Process, Vision Board exercise, PLUS the actual Photoshoot and convenient online image delivery galleries as well as access to a professional photo print lab and more!

Why is all this included?

We believe that photoshoots should be easy & fun! In our experience, the more prepared our clients are, the better the results. Even the most camera-shy end up having an awesome time in front of the lens. 

The Back Story:

SP Photo Studio's roots were established in late 2004 when it’s Founder and CEO, Amber De Vos, relocated from the West Coast to pursue her passion for photography in New York City. And now, back in Northern California, SPPS brings that ambitious and well-crafted NYC sensibility, giving our work an edge and sophistication that most local photographers just don't have.

Beyond just ‘getting the shot’, and making people ‘look good,’ over the last 15+ years Amber has worked with many celebrities & elite personalities, creating imagery in which is not only highly sought after, but also empowering for client's confidence, as well as private and public credibility. Amber's mission is to run a photo studio that pursue opportunities that will uniquely, transform the camera shy from 'the ordinary' into the extraordinary.

Her work has been published in People Magazine, Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Women's Wear Daily, and The New York Post just to name a few.

We will work closely with you to create engaging, memorable images for any number of the different photographic needs you may have, such as: Headshots, Family Portraits, Weddings, Special Events, and More!


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