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Ready for your Close up? Tops Tips on How to Prepare Pt. 1

How to Prepare for Your Session Part 1: Basic Tips for Everyone So you've booked your portrait session, and the date is approaching. Maybe you're unsure what you should...
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Ready for your Close up? Tops Tips on How to Prepare Pt. 2

How to Prepare for Your Session Tips for Men What to Wear: We covered bringing three “looks" to your photo session. More specifically, what should these looks includ...
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Sit Pretty: Posing Tips for Men

With cameras at the touch of our fingertips, most people aren’t strangers to photography. Whether it’s snapping a quick picture for social media or taking a selfie, we ta...
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Sit Pretty: Posing Tips for Women

Compared to men, in my experience, women (in general) tend to be more photogenic in the sense that they are more aware of their facial appearance and body language. But,...
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Why It Pays To Invest in Professional Headshots

“It’s just a picture.” “Do I really need a professional photographer?” “I have a camera, can I just do it myself?” These are all common thoughts we run into all the time...
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Did You Know a Survey of 1000 Millionaires by Fidelity Investments Found that 86% were Self-made?

Sitting Pretty and Confident v. 1 Self-made being defined as having become successful or rich by one's own efforts. What sort of efforts does one need to make in order...
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What's My Personal Beauty Secret? Drinking Lots and LOTS of Water

S In this article we want to give you the easiest to execute tips on how to stay healthy and feel good, both very necessary ingredients for a successful portrait. And wh...
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Think Beauty Tricks are Just for Ladies? Men Need Them Too!

Surprisingly, a high number of our clients are men. Why is that surprising? Because most people seem to think that only women are interested in getting in front of the ca...
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What Do You Think About My Photo?

Happy New Years everyone!! How better to open the year, than by doing a refresh. And where better to start than your online presence? It's fair to say the question I get...
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