Discovery Process and Vision Board Exercise


Discovery Process

Where you will have an opportunity to declare and discover all the important elements of your personality, your business and your brand that will help us to create authentic and engaging images.

Your Audience/Target Market:

Considering who your target audience is is an important factor to consider when we’re designing your session. We want YOUR people to easily connect and identify with you. We want them to see you as someone who ‘gets’ them and who is easy to relate to.

Clarity around who they are will help you get clear on who they are looking to engage.

Your images should attract those you REALLY want to engage with your personal brand. These are your people, your crowd, your tribe.

Your Professional and Personal Values:

It is a competitive world out there, so we want to capture all of the unique qualities and values that everybody talks about and that set you apart from everyone else e.g., your “personal brand.”

Your Style:

Discovering your own personal style will help determine what clothing and accessories you should bring to your session and also how we should approach doing your make-up/grooming and hair.

It’s key, not just to look like how you like to look, but also how your target audience expects someone of your position and profession to look, e.g., your ‘executive presence’

Remember, we want to always be taking your brand to the next level.

Your Branding:

  • Are there certain colors, patterns or logos that are associated with you or your brand?

  • What colors are used on your website or on your current marketing collateral?

  • Are there any props, equipment, tools, activities or other items that are associated with your product or service that might be of value to include in some of your images?


Vision Board

Now we’ve come the most fun part of the whole process. This is where you will have an opportunity to start gathering visual cues and inspirations that will help us both get clear on the “looks” that you are going for. This will be key in helping us design the ‘perfect’ session.

In a separate email, you will receive an invitation to join a private Pinterest board that we will have created just for you. Pinterest is a wonderful direct resource for images, or you may also share images from your computer or from the web. Visit our Sitting Pretty Lifestyle Pinterest boards.

We will do our best to get the board started for you based on what you’ve already shared.

When you’re ready to add your own pictures, we suggest a great place to start is to look up your celebrity look-alike or an industry icon that you respect and admire. They always have great portraits!

Vision for the Future

At Sitting Pretty Lifestyle we’re committed to ensure that you not only get great images, but that these images are consistent with the future you’re building for yourself.

This part of the exercise is not mandatory, but it is valuable to understand where you’re headed and how we can do our best to help get you there!


"Helping ordinary people do extraordinary thins on camera."


"I'm so glad to have gone through that step of the process first! I really do feel much more clear about my objectives, not just with my new portraits, but my general personal branding goals as a whole..." - Shari H.